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Mechanical clocks, quartz clocks, quartz movements, alarm clocks

 - the biggest assortment of quality grandfather, wall clocks and table clocks

Our address: EX-MALL d.o.o.  ZAGREB, Podvršje 6, tel. 01/2440-052, service 01/2421-747

About EX-MALL:

Ex-mall d.o.o. is leading Croatian company in trading and bussines with all kind of clocks. We have 20 years expirience in selling clocks in all parts of Croatia and neighboring countries.


We are importer and distributor of mechanical and quartz clocks - grandfather clocks, wall clocks (wooden, pendulum, metal, plastic with glass), table clocks, antique clocks, alarm clocks, kitchen timers, quartz movements an accesories etc.


We are dealer of world most rewarded mechanical clock producer - German company "Hermle & Sons", and leading chinese companies with top western technology in making best quality clocks of all kinds.

Ex-mall d.o.o.

Podvrsje 6

10000 Zagreb


Tel: 01/2440 052
Fax: 01/2421 752

Service: 01/2421 747




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